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The Climate Conscious Consultancy

Creating value through sustainability

How is your organization responding to global climate change and the demand for ethical, responsible and sustainable business?

The Climate Conscious Consultancy supports businesses in their transition to sustainable and climate resilient operations by efficiently managing their environmental and social impacts. 

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Stimulating discussion, inspiring action. Learn from thought leaders and practitioners about the integration of sustainability across sectors.


Strategic advisory and coaching service. Helping organizations integrate sustainability and respond to the climate crisis.  


The Climate Conscious Podcast is for people who care about environmental sustainability and climate action. Hosted by environmental sustainability professional Derval Barzey, the podcast features conversations with local, regional, and international stakeholders in sustainability. Guests include policymakers, business owners, academics, and social entrepreneurs. The show highlights practical solutions for achieving sustainable development and building resilient communities, with a focus on the Caribbean. From energy to tourism, fashion to finance, The Climate Conscious podcast challenges the listener to examine their impact and our collective responsibility to harmonize People, Planet and Profit.


New episodes are published bi-weekly episodes and are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.


The demand for sustainability and climate action is disrupting traditional business models. How is your organization responding? 


The Climate Conscious Consultancy supports businesses in their transition to sustainable and climate resilient operations. We develop bespoke solutions to effectively manage environmental and socio-economic impacts and demonstrate an authentic commitment to people and planet.





About the founder

Derval Barzey s a Sustainable Development Professional with 12+ years of experience working at the Energy and Climate nexus. Her expertise includes Climate Risk, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Impact Assessments, Sustainable Energy Policy and Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, and ESG frameworks and strategies.